A downloadable TheCave for Windows

A short game in which you are a character that gets trapped in a cave. Once you wake up you are confronted by an unknown voice telling you that you have to complete four challenges in-order  to escape this creepy cave. As you explore the levels you discover more and more disturbing things. 

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Published 13 days ago

Install instructions

Just download and open the exe. 

Use WASD for movement and LMB for interacting with and  picking up items.

NOTE: Game is graphic intensive. If you are having issues play it try reducing resolution or graphic quality. Before posting comments about bad FPS or performance please try lowering the graphic setting.



The Cave x64.zip 42 MB
The Cave x32.zip 40 MB

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the puzzles are kinda fun the answers shouldnt be one click away tho, the ending was very expected wich is unexpected cause everyone expects the unexpected:i rate 4 taira's out of 5

Well for the puzzles I didn't want them to be unsolvable, so I made  it so that anyone can finish the game. For the ending, well I guess it depends, but I'm glad you liked it.

Dissapointingly, can't play this one. No invert mouse option or change sensitivity. FPS Issues on a 1070, somehow... Although Im a fan of the low poly artstyle, what I gathered from the start, is it definitly felt like a one man game. The animation clipped right through, and the walking animation didn't feel right.

Well I did say that if you did have problems you should lower the settings. I'm on a 1050 and I haven't had fps issues. Nevertheless I'll take everything I learn from this jam in order to make a better game on the next one. :D Thanks for your feedback!

This game is awesome, i want to tell how the game was, but it feels it will give out spoilers.

shhh let them experience it ;)